Why To Take Guitar Lessons

Taking Guitar Lessons is Worthwhile.

Why to Take Guitar Lessons - Five Star Guitar LessonsIf you are reading this right now, you have probably been thinking “Should I take Guitar Lessons”? Or perhaps “Do I really need a Guitar Teacher?” or “Are Guitar Lessons right for me”? These are normal things to ask and I have addressed them many, many times over the last 24+ years professionally teaching guitar. This page is to help you about making a decision about why to take guitar lessons. Alright then, with that said, if:

1. You’re a beginning, intermediate to advanced Guitar Player looking to improve your playing, Yes, guitar lessons are going to help you (especially so if you’re a beginner or intermediate/advanced intermediate level) Let’s face it, It’s important to get off on the right foot. Think about this… If you wanted to become a better baseball player. wouldn’t Baseball Camp help you? Of course it would! Getting a good guitar teacher is no different. 
  2. You’re determined to know more about Music and Guitar but are not certain as to which direction(s) and/or path(s) to take. Yes, guitar lessons are going to help you. Be realistic, doesn’t it make sense to seek guidance from a person who has trotted the path(s) you wish to explore? The same way a “Guide” who takes you on a tour of the Grand Canyon would do? Making sure you stay on the “Path” and don’t fall off a cliff or something else just as bad. Well, we both know the answer to that. The answer is YES! 
  3. You want to play Lead Guitar or become a better, more confident Lead Guitarist but, you don’t know where to start. Yes, guitar lessons are going to help you. 

Now, imagine how good you will feel when you gain confidence with your guitar playing and understand your guitar better! It’s a much better feeling than to keep doing things by trial and error… hit and miss… getting limited results or even worse, getting nowhere at all.

It makes sense to go to an individual who’s been there, done that and is STILL doing it. It’s going to save you a heck of a lot of time and frustration. Why not take advantage of that? Looking at it this way it clearly makes perfect sense to seek that individual’s guidance and expertise. Frankly, it’s a no-brainer to go to THAT person for guidance! 

 I could list about a hundred more reasons but, what it comes down to is this:

If you are just starting out, are an intermediate level player looking to take it to the next level or perhaps a more advanced guitar player struggling with gaps in your knowledge and technique, you are in the right place. Give yourself some credit for taking action towards investing in yourself. You are a wise individual for seeking instruction from an experienced guitar teacher.

Now listen, this is VERY IMPORTANT! 

 It’s not just any guitar teacher that’ll do. You want guitar lessons with the RIGHT guitar teacher for you. Someone who actually has real playing experience, knowledge and skill in the style(s) of music you like and want to play. This person also needs experience teaching guitar with a proven track record as a successful guitar teacher.

THIS is THE PERSON who can Effectively Teach You! 

I play and teach lead/rhythm guitar in the styles of Electric Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Funk Rock, Country Rock, R&B, Motown, Soul, Alternative Rock, Jump Blues, Blues Rock, Jazz Rock Fusion.  

Would you like to to play awesome rhythm guitar? Want to jam out some hot lead guitar solos? Are you looking to do both? I can help you. I personalize your guitar lessons so they focus on what you need to learn, improve and practice to attain your musical and guitar playing goals. I have over 20 years of professional guitar teaching experience and have helped hundreds of students power up their guitar playing to a higher level.

If you’re willing to put in the required effort (Yes, it’s not all on the guitar teacher… the student needs to make a commitment.. not to the teacher… but to themselves), I’m here for you.

Are you ready to start playing guitar or becoming a better guitar player? Would you like to feel good about your music and guitar playing? Awesome! I look forward to moving you quickly towards reaching your ultimate musical and guitar playing goals. Contact Five Star Guitar Lessons 

I Look Forward to Hearing from You!

Musically Yours,
Brian Kloby – Guitar Teacher, Music Instructor – Five Star Guitar Lessons, Clearwater, Fl

Five Star Guitar Lessons provides private custom guitar lessons and instruction for adults. Guitar lessons are focused to the student’s musical and playing interests. Lessons are in person at the studio in Clearwater, Fl or online over the internet. Let Brian know which format works best for you.