Why Guitar Technique Is Important

Good Technique Will Help You Play Guitar

Over the course of my guitar teaching career, many a student have posed the query “Why is having good guitar technique important?” This is a great question and I’m happy that you asked… Let’s dive into it!

Good Guitar Technique, Five Star Guitar LessonsThere are several valuable reasons why establishing a firm grip on your guitar technique is important. For starters, good “guitar technique” is immeasurably helpful for physically playing the guitar. It builds endurance, performance stamina and strength for the hands, fingers, wrists, arms, neck, back and shoulders. Yes, more than meets the eye at a casual glance! If a guitar player is deficient in strength and stamina in any of these locations, it’s a pretty sure bet that the problem is most likely a technique based issue. 

A lot of movements go into playing a guitar. You have to use two hands with one having to maneuver atop the strings and along the fret board (chords/scales), while the other hand has to manipulate going across the strings (picking/strumming).  They both have their own unique applications coupled with their own geocentric challenges. 

Not only is hand placement and positioning imperative but also, how one postures their arms, shoulders, back, neck, etc… all of these things play a significant role. Another thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different. What may seem easy for one guitar player to do can be extremely difficult for another. Things that may appear to be common sense for one player may not be an obvious observation or task to perform for someone else. For these reasons alone a personalized approach to building guitar technique is essential.

Trying to figure out all of many myriad things that go into building and developing solid guitar playing technique can be daunting and downright frustrating when one tries to do it alone. Sure, you can browse YouTube, Facebook or various guitar forums to try and find solutions but, what works for one guitar player isn’t always the best thing for another. And frankly, how can you gauge if the information you’re getting is actually coming form a credible source? Just because someone has some time in playing guitar doesn’t mean they know how to effectively (or correctly!) teach anything on guitar. The potential problems this can cause (like poor technique!)  can far outweigh any benefit you may garner. Why leave your guitar playing destiny in the hands of someone who may actually harm your playing? 

In guitar lessons I teach to my private students I address what the student’s unique and individual technique needs are. Everything is explained clearly and the instruction is highly focused so these individuals are able to progress as quickly as possible while insuring a solid grip on the fundamental (to advanced..) applications of guitar technique. This also rules out the possibility of unnecessary injury that can occur from poor or misguided guidance from unqualified people.

One thing I can assure you, the freedom that good guitar technique gifts one with is boundless and incredibly abundant! And the good news, it doesn’t take too long to get a foothold on solid guitar technique when you have a good guitar teacher paving a clear path for you. Someone who addresses your respective guitar technique and playing needs. Oh, and another awesome benefit from establishing stable guitar playing technique is that it frees up you mental faculties. Yes, you will enjoy a noticeable burst in creativity and have a wealth of fresh ideas to explore and begin to use. And hey, it makes learning and playing your favorite songs a heck of a lot easier, too!

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