Why Music Theory Is Important For Guitar Players

In my experience the subject of music theory is one of those topics that makes many guitar players want to run for the hills. Aside from all the myths (some of which we will discuss in this post!) there seems to be a lot of murky areas and misunderstandings about just what “Music Theory” is and why it’s important for guitar players. So, let’s dive right on into it…

What Is Music Theory:

Music theory is the term for conveying ideas and concepts that help us to understand music itself. It explains why/what music does and what is happening when we hear it. Music theory brings the ideas and practices of music into a written and transferable aural form. It’s a way to describe and explain music and how it is constructed. In a nutshell, music theory enables us to communicate the “Language of Music” to others.

How Music Theory Helps Guitar Players:

  1. It helps you master music pieces/songs faster: Knowing music theory helps to accelerate the learning process. With a clear understanding of how a musical piece or song is constructed one will be able to find repetitions and landmarks (composition/construction) that help us get familiar with the piece. This makes the music we’re working on easier to memorize.
  2. It helps guitar players understand their instrument better: With an understanding of notes, scales, chords, progressions, pitch placement and other cool musical tools/concepts, guitar players are able to unlock many of the hidden secrets that make the guitar such a unique and powerful instrument. Also, guitarists of all levels will benefit from a deeper, richer and seriously empowering knowledge of how to manipulate and get the most out of what a guitar has to offer.. both aurally and tangibly.
  3. It helps you develop/expand critical listening skills: All guitar player can hear music but they all don’t understand what they’re hearing. To unlock one’s ultimate understanding it’s massively advantageous to be able to identify what it is you are hearing and have the ability to communicate intelligently about it.
  4. It Will Help Your Creativity: The more you know about how/why music works, many more options begin to unveil themselves when it comes to spurring creativity in guitar players. Having an understanding of chords, scales, musical thematic techniques and the like present us with a virtually boundless array of musical possibilities. When one has more to choose from it’s a no-brainer that this individual is going to have more available to them for creating, improvising, arranging, writing, interpreting music and so much more.

I could go on with many more examples however, I think this gives you enough to make an informed decision on just how and why developing a firm grip on functional, practical, applicable music theory is going to help you grow and progress as a guitarist and musician. This is precisely the type of music and guitar theory I teach and I am ready, willing and able to share it with you.

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Brian Kloby – Guitar Teacher/Music Instructor – Five Star Guitar Lessons