Guitar Lessons That Provide Substantial Results

Professional guitar lessons at Five Star will help you sound better at the open mic, pass that audition, write music, have more confidence playing and performing. Attain tangible results and get more enjoyment out of playing guitar.


Empower and elevate your guitar playing to new levels. Make noticeable gains in your playing with professional guitar lessons and guidance. Improve technique, learn how to use music theory, play better rhythm guitar, play good sounding guitar solos, understand how to navigate the guitar’s fretboard, be able to improvise, improve creativity and much more. Whichever direction your interests are pointing towards now is the time to get started with guitar lessons.

Five Star Guitar Lessons is located in a great location just moments away from historic downtown Clearwater. Get ready to harness the power of your Muses! Call today (813) 438-6203 or Contact Us Here