Now Is The Best Time To Take Guitar Lessons

The most important asset we have that can’t be reclaimed is time. Speaking of time, the best time to take guitar lessons is now.

There is one thing I have heard all too often over the years from my students. Something said by so many that I have honestly lost count. What I have heard so often is this: ” I wish I had started playing guitar years ago”. And not only that, it is a statement these students have repeated many times during their course of learning. Needless to say, this is a common regret that a lot of people share.

When I hear students say this I make a point of reminding them that they have made the smart decision of coming in for lesson now instead of waiting. Why do that? Why waste precious time not doing something constructive that they desire doing? It is unwise to put off something like this that is going to bring happiness, contentment, satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. The wise person acts. To quote the great philosopher Marcus Porcius Cato “He who hesitates is lost”. By acting in the “Now” we are not lost… we are on course and doing exactly what we should be doing… right now.

If you have been thinking about taking guitar lessons take action now towards reaching that goal. It is never too late to learn. It is never too late to accomplish. It is never too late to create. It is never too late to play guitar. Make a move towards doing something you have always wanted.

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Musically Yours,

Brian Kloby – Guitar Teacher/Music Educator at Five Star Guitar Lessons, Clearwater, Florida