About Guitar Lessons

Brian Kloby performing live in Treasure Island, Fla.

Guitar lessons with Brian are about reaching your playing goals faster and easier. Instruction is custom and focused to your playing level and musical interests.

Contact Five Star Guitar Lessons Experience, skills and insight from 30+ years of live performance and more than 24 years professionally teaching guitar gives Brian’s students a powerful advantage. They are shown specifically what to learn and how to practice. This is why his students avoid time consuming pitfalls in their learning and practice routine. This makes it naturally easier to gain maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Brian Kloby has been an active performing guitarist since 1985. He began teaching guitar professionally in 1996. He has studied guitar privately with individual, professional working guitarist musicians and he has studied music on the college level. His original compositions have been recorded in sound studios and have been featured on the radio. He has been interviewed and showcased in news papers and regional music publications. He continues performing live to this day.

Brian ‘s real world curriculum vitae is as follows:

  • Skill Sets, Insight and Understanding attained from over 30 years of live performance experience
  • Skill Sets, Insight and Understanding attained from over 24 years professional guitar/music teaching experience
  • Frankie Cicala- Jazz Guitar & Improvisation
  • Vinnie Carrao- Jazz Guitar & Improvistaion
  • Charles Reid- Music Theory – Ocean County College
  • Chuck Welch- Jazz Guitar & Improvisation
  • Joe Accurso- Electronic Music – Brookdale College
  • Jim Jossylin- Jazz Guitar & Improvisation – Brookdale College
  • Brian Plays and Teaches Rock, Funk, Fusion, R&B, Electric Blues, Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Electric guitar, Songwriting, Practical Music Theory, Creativity (whatever and wherever you wish to go in your guitar/music studies he’s got you covered!)
  • Innovative and practical step-by-step teaching methods are employed ensuring that the path is clear for swift efficient progress. Become a better guitar player, discover your own unique musical voice, enjoy playing your guitar!

Five Star Guitar Lessons Provides Options for Any Schedule: Brian Kloby performing live in Sarasota, Fl
Guitar lessons are an hour long and scheduled on a weekly basis. Early afternoon into evening time slots are available. Guitar lessons can be taken in person at the studio in Clearwater, Fl or online (lessons in real time with Brian on your computer) from the comfort of your own home.

If you are having trouble finding a qualified guitar teacher near you and commuting to and from lessons is difficult, Professional Guitar Lessons Online may be perfect for you. Learn More:  Live Online Guitar Lessons