Guitar Lessons Online

Your Very Own Private Guitar Lessons Online Take Place In Real-Time On Your Computer From The Comfort of Your Own Home.


All You Need To Get Started:

  • Computer, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • Guitar

There is a bottomless pit of “self help” guitar videos on the internet. The unfortunate fact is that it’s impossible to find something pointing directly to your unique learning and playing needs. Some things can help a little but none are going to help with specifically what is required for you to make true progress. We’re talking about what you need to take to the practice room to reach your playing goals. Custom tailored online guitar lessons with Brian Kloby at Five Star Guitar Lessons is a best choice. If you are unable to get to a physical studio location to take lessons with a qualified guitar teacher then online guitar lessons are the next best thing.
You will receive step by step guidance that is focused to your needs and playing goals. Get the most out of your guitar studies with immediate feedback, coaching and mentoring. Reap the benefits while being shown how to review and practice your personalized curriculum to attain favorable results in the shortest possible time.

Have You Experienced Any Of These Things?

  • Not sure where to start?
  • Don’t know how to arrange your practice time?
  • Having trouble finding a qualified guitar teacher near you?
  • Purchased lesson products that haven’t been of much help?
  • Is your time too limited to include a commute to and from guitar lessons?
  • Wanting to develop the skills to be able to jam with friends,  play in a band or just have fun playing at home?
  • Does the thought of playing good rhythm and/or lead guitar seem unattainable?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these then private online guitar lessons are a viable solution. It’s time to move past these obstructions in your path→ Contact Five Star Guitar Lessons


What’s Included with Online Guitar Lessons?

  1. PDF’s of Required Materials – all learning materials are provided (free of charge) for you the same as private students who come to the studio for in person guitar lessons. No need to buy books, scores, charts or manuscript papers!
  2. Personalized Guidance – gain maximum results in the shortest possible time. Goal specific study exercises are focused to your current playing and learning needs. This is something that is literally impossible for free guitar lessons on YouTube, Facebook, etc.. to do for you.
  3. One-On-One Communication – benefit with the opportunity to ask questions in real time and get immediate feedback directly related to your questions.
  4. Email Correspondence Between Lessons – It’s OK to ask questions via email. Brian will get back to you with a correct and detailed answer to your questions.
  5. Call Today (813) 438-6203 or Contact Five Star Guitar Lessons