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“I tried for 5 years to teach myself without much luck. I was at a crossroad to either sell the guitar or find a way to learn it. Then I met Brian. With his extensive knowledge, patience and excellent teaching skills I was able to learn waaaay! more in the last year than I did in the previous 5. I highly recommend getting an instructor! Give Brian a call, you will thank me (alot!!!) later.”

James M. – Clearwater, Florida

​”I always wanted to get serious about my guitar playing but never had the time. When I finally got to retire from my law practice, I was lucky to find Brian. He set up a program to correct my bad habits and provided me with a solid training program to strengthen my knowledge of theory, technique, application and improvisation.
​ Brian is a smart guy. He can figure out what you can and can’t handle, then bring you along with patience and humor. I’ve learned more in a year than I did in the last 25.”
-Walter C. – Saint Petersburg, Florida

​”In the late 90’s I took guitar lessons through an instructor at a music store. Although I learned the basics of reading music I was never able to play songs. After almost 20 years not playing, Brian was able to get me playing some tunes after just 2-3 lessons. He explains how the music was created and is helping me to develop an ear so that I understand how it should be played. In addition to correcting bad habits, Brian explains various ways songs can be played. With a lot of experience working with adults, he understands how to teach at each person’s individual level and speed. I would highly recommend giving him a try.”
 -David A. – St. Petersburg, FL

As an older beginner I find Brian very patient and willing to work with my limited ability. Brian is very knowledgeable and I enjoy learning from him.

-Brian S. – Largo Fl

“No Question, Brian’s guidance made me a better guitar player! His advice and written materials helped me move forward and achieve my goals. Thanks and keep rockin’ Brian!”
-Mark R. – St. Petersburg, Florida

“Brian is an excellent guitar teacher. What is outstanding about him is that he listens to your needs and musical desires and customizes lessons accordingly. He has a unique approach to teaching whereby any student may learn easily without confusion. He answers any question in detail and makes sure you comprehend. Brian is extremely patient and flexible and projects his caring about your progress.

His memory is sharp and he is profoundly focused every step of the way. His positive attitude and friendliness is awesome which encourages a student to keep coming back.”
-Dr. August W. Ph.D – St. Petersburg, Florida

He explains everything thoroughly, and is extremely patient and supportive.I would highly recommend Brian as a guitar teacher for all levels and ages, beginner or advanced.”
-Jeff C. – Tampa, Florida

​”After many, many years of “self-taught” guitar playing I decided to finally get some formal instruction. Brian Kloby was just the right fit for me. His instruction has been straight forward and focused to my musical wants and needs.

I feel that my technique for how to play and my appreciation for how it is done have tremendously increased since I started guitar lessons with Brian. I highly recommend him as a guitar instructor.”
-George M. – St. Pete Beach, Florida 

“After only three months of lessons with Brian, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my playing.  I was self taught before taking lessons from Brian and I was playing all my lead lines with down strokes.  Brian was able to quickly get me playing with alternating picking in a relaxed and fun environment.  Brian is able to break things down and explain music theory in easy to understand terms.

My band mates have noticed great improvements in my tone and playing.  Brian has improved my scale and chord vocabulary greatly.  I went from being able to improvise in one position with only the minor pentatonic scale to being able to play multiple scales and improvise all over the fretboard. Now there is depth to my playing.  I would recommend guitar lessons from Brian at Blue Moon Studio to anyone.”

-Justin B. – “GREEN SUNSHINE BAND” & “CALL US WATCHA LIKE” – Tampa, Florida

When I first started taking lessons from Brian, I was immediately comfortable because he listened to me to determine my goals as a musician and came up with a plan to achieve them.

I’ve only been working with Brian for a few months but already notice tons of improvement. My friends have even commented about how much better my playing sounds.

I’m looking forward to the continued improvement and enjoyment of the guitar that’s come from working with Brian.”
-Chris B. – St. Petersburg, Florida

“After 16 years of playing, I found myself needing a better grasp on forming and structuring my lead guitar. Wanted to get a better understanding of how everything “fits together”. Me, even as primarily a metal fan, Brian was able to easily explain and teach accurately, the detailed art of modal application. Using multiple variations of scale patterns and modes over a specified root and key, better phrasing, and great exercises, he enabled me to start getting across the sound i want and the sound in my head.

After ONLY FOUR sessions, my playing was much more advanced having been able to tie my new knowledge with my old skills. My improv and writing skills jumped to a whole new level and my “road map” is much more visible. Brian is extremely knowledgeable in his playing to include the fine balance and intersection of theory vs good writing and flavor. He explains this in a way that i can understand and apply, both in practice and in jamming. Im looking forward to more sessions and even more new doors to open! I am positive that he can teach persons of all skill levels! THANKS BRIAN!”

-Brannen S. (Scar) – Lead Rhythm Guitarist, “Rival Saints Band” – St. Petersburg, Florida

“If you’re wanting to learn to play guitar and gain some real music knowledge then you need to get with Brian Kloby at 5 Star Guitar Lessons/BlueMoon Studio. I’ve been taking lessons with Brian for just over a year now and have learned more than I had in the previous 7 years. Before I got with Brian I had instructors that would teach a few chords and how to play some basic songs. They were never able to go much further in depth. I wanted to learn more than just play some songs. I was in search of some deeper music knowledge, music theory. Brian has the experience and knowledge, as well as knowing the doses of information to pass along so that you retain and use this information as well.

So if you’re wanting to play guitar, but have gotten frustrated, and ready to call it quits, DON’T.  With Brian you’ll learn to play lead guitar, you’ll learn those scales that you thought so impossible before, and they’ll become easier than you ever thought they could be. You’ll learn to play rhythm guitar, you’ll learn and understand bar and moveable chords, you will navigate the fret board like you never thought possible. Learn to understand music you want to play, the sky is the limit, it’s all up to you. How bad do you want to play well?  Bottom line, Brian is an expert instructor, there is no doubt in my mind he will get you where you want to be as a guitar player. Make the call, you’ll be glad you did!”

-Chris W. – St. Pete Beach, Florida

“It’s never to late to get started. All my life I’ve had this desire  to play an instrument, guitar being my preference. Throughout my educational career I was given many opportunities to interact with and witness performers formally and informally. All the time the “secret” desire was always there…”why can’t I do that?”

Well, I did it! After my retirement, I took my first lessons. Studied enough to learn the required fundamentals and chords needed to be able to strum along to my favorites old tunes from the 50’s and the 60’s. I quickly realized that I would never be the new American Idol, however I found great satisfaction and relaxation in playing for “myself”.

This year I felt that I needed to move on to the next level…being able to understand and have a certain command of the guitar to gain in order to give my playing some smoothness, I guess you could say, some character. I wanted a teacher who would take me where I was and help me progress forward to new challenges with some “tricks of the trade”. Brian has given me this opportunity. I have been able to grow at my pace, based on my needs and not those in a theory book. Brian has the ability to get the most out of you while consistently making sure that you fully understand the process.

I am back to playing for myself with some renewed enthusiasm, as I continue to build the confidence which Brian has given me. Learning from a professional has been a pleasant experience. Thanks Brian and good luck in the future.”

-Reg F. – St. Petersburg, Florida

“I’ve been playing guitar on my own since the age of 14. Having been self taught, I decided it was time to refine my guitar playing skills and sought some professional help and guidance. I appreciate the patience and attention to details that Brian offers at each session, and with the development of understanding and learning crucial scales.

Now I am well on my way to approaching my lead guitar playing from a more oriented standpoint and my rhythm playing has also improved. Much thanks to Brian at BlueMoon for also educating me about Music Theory and opening the doors to an even richer, vibrant creativity with my guitar playing.”
-Mark F. – St. Petersburg, Florida

“I have been taking lessons with Brian for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it. He has been playing guitar for many years and is a knowledgeable and patient teacher.
​ He is readily able to see where your weaknesses lie and helps you tighten up your playing. His knowledge of theory and how to explain it is very good. I looked at modes over the years and seemed to get more and more confused, yet he explained it in a simple way that made it much easier for me to put the pieces together.
I would highly recommend checking out a few lessons with him, particularly if you are on the YouTube plan like I was, learning random bits from different teachers.”
-Danny B. – Dunedin, Florida

“I came to BlueMoon Studio as a guitar novice to say the least. I knew a few basic chords and an idea in my head on the sound that I was going for, the blues! Brian Kloby was a perfect fit.  His style of teaching was rooted in patience with the right amount of challenge. I was able to build a strong foundation based on his teachings and I am now rocking in the free world! If you are looking for an instructor with a blues or jazz background, BlueMoon Studio is the place!”

-Dustin W. – St. Petersburg, Florida

“Brian at BlueMoon Guitar Studio helped us get started on our guitar lessons with simple no nonsense  techniques, easy to understand and easy to follow material that always made us feel comfortable and excited to be playing guitar.”

-Adjanys & Anais M. – St. Petersburg, Florida